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UBU Environmental Ltd is a family owned and managed business which was incorporated in 1998. Legend has it that the initial purchase of the company’s first truck-mounted road sweeper was a fortunate stroke of serendipity involving a burger van and missed JCB lot at an auction.

2 decades later and UBU are the largest operated road sweeper hire company in the North West, managing a fleet of over 120 Bucher municipal (previously known as Johnston) truck-mounted sweepers, high pressure road jetters, jet vac whale tankers and Precinct sweepers. Our business strategy is very simple in that we believe in continual growth in the area of performance and compliance coupled with a continual reduction in the quantities of road sweeper waste going to landfill.

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Our experience

Our experience in Road sweeping, Gully sucking, Jet washing and Jet vacuuming is unprecedented! We have hundreds of repeat clients in numerous industries who have been delighted by our efficient and reliable service over the years. As our business has grown at a managed rate, we have been able to nurture the infrastructure alongside the service so that we retain customer satisfaction and exceed expectations. Examples of our infrastructure include;

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UBU Road sweeper Waste: Innovation and Sustainability

For several years, UBU has been investing and researching into road sweeper and gully sucking waste! It’s a problem that many companies run away from, but here at UBU we decided to tackle the problem head on and look at the options (or lack of them) that were available.

Whilst some solutions met the landfill diversion criteria, they were unsuitable because they couldn’t meet our capacity. Other solutions were too costly or too time consuming and failed at the first hurdle. Other systems worked great in June but were useless in December when the waste had a higher water content …….

The drive for a sustainable solution forced us to look far and wide over many years but we eventually found a company who we believed could help us realise our vision of landfill diversion coupled with material recovery and reuse.

Our Wet Waste Treatment Plant

CDEGroup collaborated with UBU from initial concept right through to delivery and implementation of our wet waste treatment plant. In 2016 the various structures arrived in several containers at our depot in Walkden and were intricately pieced together within the purpose built steel portal frame building.

The custom-made plant was designed and executed to exceed our existing usage so that we had capacity for growth. There was also provision for the type and level of contamination present as well as storage for both inputs and outputs.

Road sweeping material enters the UBU approved treatment facility which uses density separation and attrition to separate organics and trash from the aggregate.



The treatment facility has the ability to receive and process both wet wastes and dry waste, with a combined throughput of up to 25 tonnes per hour, or 250 tonnes per day.

Further research and development have been applied to the initial design to facilitate the processing of exceptionally wet or slurry waste as is imperative in our industry.

The wastewater is chemically treated before undergoing further treatment to create thickened sludge. The recycled water is sent to the water storage tank for recirculation around the system. Approximately 90% of the water in the system is recycled for re-use.

The sludge is sent to a buffer tank for further treatment which means that in total UBU are now successfully diverting up to 85% of their road sweeper and gully waste from landfill.

Our recovered materials

Depending on the composition of the feed stock, the treatment facility has the ability to produce up to 50 tonnes per day of washed aggregates and up to 125 tonnes per day of washed sand. The washed aggregate is dewatered and the smaller fraction is separated for further classification to capture valuable metals.

After further removal of contamination, the aggregate is sized into two ranges to allow for use in different applications. UBU Environmental Ltd has been successful in obtaining accreditation for our recovered aggregates and sand which are tested to BS EN standard protocol.

UBU Recycled aggregates and sands offer you an innovative commercial and environmental solution which is highly recommended for a wealth of landscaping and construction projects including Bank Protection, Road Construction, Sub base or back fill and noise barriers.

Materials available to purchase



  • Washed and Recycled 40mm aggregate
  • Washed and Recycled 20mm aggregate
  • Washed and Recycled 10mm aggregate
  • Washed and Recycled 5mm aggregate
  • Washed and Recycled sharp sand
  • Fully calibrated Weighbridge on Site
  • This product can be delivered in bulk loads or bulk bags to the North West and Greater Manchester Area
  • PAS 115


Download Our Aggregate Specification Leaflet

UBU Environmental Ltd identified an issue with road sweeper waste sustainability and chose to meet the problem head on through investment and innovation. Their turnkey solution not only diverts waste from landfill but also allows for the recovery and reuse of recycled materials including sand and stone. The treatment facility reflects their strong links with their customers and their commitment to delivering an efficient and reliable service.

Mr Matt Bunting

Regional Director, CDEGroup

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