Construction Site Cleaning

UBU Environmental Ltd are fully equipped and highly experienced in property development and construction site cleaning. Construction sites can produce a large amount of dirt and dust that is easily spread around surrounding areas. This can cause Health and Safety issues as well as creating a loss of goodwill with local residents and businesses affected by the build. Our Road Sweepers are commonly used on and around busy construction sites to keep roads and access areas clean as well as suppressing dust. UBU’s Road Sweepers ensure essential construction site safety is maintained and protects the surrounding environment from contamination. All waste collected on site can be treated at our wet waste treatment plant which seeks to recover reusable materials such as aggregate and sand. This helps to create a circular economy and reduces the amount of waste that your company is sending to landfill.

Road Sweeper

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Residential road sweeping

How UBU Help On Construction Sites

  • Competent operatives with CSCS in Road sweeping and Gully sucking operations  

  • Dust suppression service offered 

  • ‘Back to black’ cleaning service offered

  • Available for hire as part of proactive maintenance plan or for site handovers

  • Earthwork and muck shifting operations 

  • Cleaning of site compound as well as all access areas 

“UBU offer a very efficient and professional service, all orders are taken by friendly staff who will always try to accommodate any last-minute requirements”

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