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Corporate Social Responsibility

UBU Environmental is a family run business who consider our economical, social and environmental impacts in every way we operate. By demonstrating our commitments, we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our clients, while embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

The elements of our policy cover our approach in dealing with our clients, suppliers and the local community in an effort to support reducing our energy, procurement, transport, water and other business usage to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Details of our current commitments and achievements can be found in the following categories:

Environment, Energy, Procurement, Transport, Water and Other Business Use

  UBU complies will all relevant legislation regulations and ACOPs. We provide training information and instruction to all our employees about our CSR commitment and how they can share our values.

  UBU has invested in a state of the art bespoke wet waste treatment plant that diverts 85% of road sweeper and gully waste from landfill.

  The plant offers a circular economy solution by recovering aggregates and sand which have been tested to meet BS EN protocol. As they have been processed and washed, we’re proud to offer materials of such a high quality.

  UBU utilises baling of other materials which are extracted from its plant such as cardboard, organics and plastic.

  UBU operates Johnston VT road sweepers which has the lowest fuel consumption in its class due its mechanical drive system. This is a key attribute in reducing our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

  The Johnston VT uses a water recirculation system which not only provides extended sweeping shifts (reducing additional usage) but also saves up to 900 litres of water per day based on an 8 hourgoo shift.

  The Johnston VT is almost 100% recyclable.

  UBU operate a dispatch and tracking system which ensures efficient route planning and reduced fuel consumption.

  UBU encourage no idling in the vehicles to help to reduce harmful emissions.

  UBU has a No Smoking Policy in its vehicles and plant.

  UBU operates a supply chain which is 82% based within a 50 mile radius of our depot in Salford M28. Our supply chain is expected to exceed or meet our CRS standards. 

  UBU is a local employer and is committed to the Living Wage.

  UBU is supplied by Haven Power for its electricity which runs on a half hourly meter to ensure that we only use our energy when the resources are at the highest. We do not operate during red periods. Haven source their electricity from Drax and this means that it is renewable, responsibly sourced, sustainable biomass electricity, which produces 86% less carbon than coal-generated energy. 

  We ensure all power is switched off when not in use and use timers.

  Through effective partnerships, we shall continue our initiatives in Road sweeper efficiency.

Read more about our Wet Waste Treatment Plant and how UBU are making sustainable choices!

Social Value

UBU Environmental strives to incorporate strong social values into all of our operations. Some of the key areas we do this are:

  • Employment – We are an equal opportunity and disability confident committed.
  • Development of skills – All road sweeper operators are trained to receive Level 2 NVQs & CSCS cards.
  • Raising the living standards of our local communities – We are a living wage employer of 120 employees.
  • Support – Practical and financial support for charitable and local community organisations

Charity and Community

UBU Environmental Ltd undertake many charitable projects for a cause very close to our company’s heart, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is a range of genetic disorders that cause kidney failure, damage to other organs and sometimes result in premature death in children and adults. It is estimated that up to 70,000 people are affected by the disease in the UK. 

UBU Road Sweeper

The PKD Charity was established in 2000 by patients, professionals and members of families affected by PKD, and our Group Manager Rebecca Murphy-Peers has served on the board of trustees for over 16 years.   

“This is a very important charity for me and my family and I’m delighted that UBU is able to help increase recognition and understanding of the vital work that the PKD Charity does to support families affected by the disease,” says Rebecca Murphy-Peers. “Mobile advertising is a great way to reach people, and having one of our sweepers liveried with the PKD logo will generate exposure for the charity all over the North West.”

PKD Charity

Mrs Rebecca Murphy-Peers

Group Manager of UBU & Board of Trustees for PKD

In a bid to raise awareness about the condition, as well as to raise the profile of the wonderful work of the PKD charity, UBU have liveried one of our latest Road Sweepers with the PKD logo.

To raise additional awareness, whilst supporting the PKD charity financially, UBU Environmental have pledged to donate £5 to PKD charity for every positive Google review received. If you would like to leave us any feedback, or take a look at all of the great reviews that have earned a donation for PKD, please visit this link.

Road Sweeper Close Up

We are very grateful to UBU Sweepers for their support in raising awareness of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and supporting the PKD Charity’s work. PKD is thought to affect 70,000 adults and children in the UK. It’s the most common inherited kidney disease worldwide and is incurable. We hope that seeing the PKD sweeper in and around the North West will raise awareness of the condition and the work of the PKD Charity. 

PKD Charity

Tess Harris

CEO, PKD Charity

UBU’s 12 Causes of Christmas 

As part of the festivities here at UBU we decided that after a difficult year for so many, now would be the perfect time to give something back and support those most affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From this initial thought, we planned to visit one charitable cause per day in the 12 days of Christmas from the 14th to the 25th of December!

During this time, it was great to be able to support such a wide range of causes and get a better idea of the truly inspiring work that they are doing in our local area.

To find out more about our 12 Causes of Christmas mission, head over to our blog where you can relive this amazing journey!

“We wanted to provide something that would help engage children in physical activities and the school is planning to challenge groups to record the most steps.

UBU’s donation has help us to provide this fantastic opportunity to Bridgewater Primary school and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Neil Blackburn

Foundation Director, Salford Red Devils Foundation

Folly Lane Lions ARLFC

Based a short drive away from our depot in Swinton, UBU Environmental Limited are extremely pleased to be the new kit sponsor of the ‘Folly Lane Lions’. The Folly Lions are a recent partnership which saw the amalgamation of the Swinton Lions and Folly Lane ARLFC.

This new and dynamic Under 18’s rugby league club will proudly wear the UBU logo whilst making their debut this season.

UBU wish the team the very best of luck and we express our support the foundation in its aims to provide community projects that celebrate and educate people of all ages.

Thanks to UBU Environmental’s generous sponsorship, this young team have been able to play in the FA Chartered Standard Leagues with a new team kit. Thanks to UBU for their continued support, without which we couldn’t play each week.

Ramsbottom UTD

Dave Scanlon

Team Coach & Manager, UBU Environmental Training and Development Manager

Other Charities Supported by UBU Environmental

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