Dust Suppression

It is extremely common for Construction sites to produce a large amount of dirt and dust that can be easily spread around surrounding areas. The debris is sucked using the vacuum nozzle fitted to one of our fleet, then once the debris is collected in the hopper, the Johnston cyclonic airflow separates the waste and any clean air is released back into the atmosphere. Minimising dust contamination is essential in ensuring maximum safety for both our staff and the general public, as an exposure to high levels of dust can result in several health problems. 

Therefore, UBU are committed to reducing every potential hazard from start to finish of any project. Our dust suppression service also strives to protect the surrounding environment from any contamination, meaning minimal environmental impact in all aspects of our work. Our dust suppression services can be applied using a range of vehicles in our fleet from our high-pressure road jetters to our road sweepers, providing a high level of flexibility for your specific needs. 

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Dust Suppression

  • Range of vehicles offering this service which can be adapted to suit your dust suppressing needs

  • Helps you to reduce environmental impact of dust on construction sites

  • High pressure jets ensure maximum dust suppression

  • Reduce health and environmental hazards

  • Fast and reliable service 

  • Targeted dust suppression available through use of hand lance and wanderhose.

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