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Property Developments & Construction Site Assistance

UBU Environmental Ltd are fully equipped and highly experienced in property development and construction site cleaning. Construction sites produce a large amount of dirt and dust, that is easily spread around surrounding areas. Our Road Sweepers are commonly used on and around busy construction sites to keep roads and access clean and suppressing dust. UBU’s Road Sweepers ensure essential construction site safety is maintained and protects the surrounding environment from contamination.  

If a deeper ‘back to black’ cleaning service is required, our custom-made High Pressure Road Jetter can be used in conjunction with a Road Sweeper to achieve this. High pressure jets blast off dirt and stains which is then cleaned up by the road sweeper which follows behind, leaving the road in a like-new condition.


Here at UBU Environment taking responsibility for the sustainability of our processes is extremely important. That is why we divert all our road sweeping waste from landfill, using our innovative waste treatment plant. Click here for more information on our innovative waste treatment plant

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UBUB Waste Plant

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