Jet Vaccumation

Our Jet Vac Whale Tanker units have the capability to operate as an air mover or conventional vacuum unit together with the continuous recycling of jetting water. This enables the unit to spend more time on the cleaning process before replenishing the jetting water. Our greener machines result in less time off the job, saving you both time and money.

This method of vacuumation is perfect for the uplift of dry materials from environments such as vessels, pits, silos, hoppers or tanks. The jet vac will seamlessly collect cement, sand, grain and gravel and contain it for onward transportation.

The Jet Vac Whale Tanker offers high performance jetting for difficult cleaning applications. It features a large liquid ring vacuum pump for exceptionally powerful vacuum loading, enabling lifting of liquid and dry waste from depths beyond 30 metres (vertical) and further (horizontal) by pneumatic conveyance.

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Jet Vac Whale Tanker

UBU Jet Vaccumation Service

  • High performance vaccuumation 

  • Cleans and removes various waste from drains, sewers and many other hard to reach areas

  • Safe transportation of waste to our approved wet waste treatment facilty 

  • Prevents potential flooding 

  • Quick and efficient service from one of our qualified team members

We have used  UBU Environmental Ltd services for UBU Vac Tankers for over 5 years now, they have grown significantly over this time whilst maintaining the highest level of work and advice. They are fast, reliable and always manage to jet any blockages clear, allowing us to get our job done quickly and efficiently….


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