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UBU Environmental Ltd are fully equipped and highly experienced in post-event clean-ups. We have a wealth of experience in cleaning up after music festivals, cultural and sports events and on location for television and film companies. 

The high volume of people attending events and the fast turnaround time for venues requires cleaning to be completed in a short amount of time and often overnight. UBU Environmental Ltd ensure all post-event cleaning is completed quickly and efficiently to maintain your time critical and safety needs. With our state of the art fleet and highly qualified operators, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our customers get a first-class service.


Here at UBU Environment taking responsibility for the sustainability of our processes is extremely important. That is why we divert all our road sweeping waste from landfill, using our innovative waste treatment plant. For more information on our innovative waste treatment plant please click here

From large road sweepers to compact precinct sweepers, whatever space you require to be cleaned, we have a vehicle to suit. Our sweepers are available for hire any time day or night to suit your event clean up needs, with 24-hour phone assistance available.

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Please get in touch with our dedicated Hire Desk team to discuss the most suitable options for your bespoke clean-up.

Events and Venues Cleaned by UBU

Manchester Pride

Football Stadiums

Warehouse Project


Through a series of initial meetings UBU understood the gravity of the task at hand by ensuring to gain as much information as possible about Manchester Pride as a festival but also the fact that iDEAL had covered this event with other providers for 7 years.

They took the initiative to arrange meetings and visits with iDEAL management around The Village and to understand the roads and infrastructure involved, understanding where road closures were and live lanes were and at what times.

This went a long way to putting our minds at ease before they undertook the task in their first year and there has been a great amount of positive feedback in relation to the cleansing of the streets including the local businesses. The city centre event site and private areas were handed back on schedule due to the efficient service of IDEAL Facilities Management and their partnership with UBU.

Steve Butler

Ideal Facilities Management Ltd

Areas Covered

UBU Environmental Limited are based in Manchester with excellent motorway networks. Click here for a full list of the areas we cover.