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UBU Environmental Ltd offers operated Road Sweeper Hire to various sectors including construction, new build, airside, post event, emergency response and planned maintenance industries. We have a quality driven infrastructure which includes a purpose built depot close to motorway networks, trained and competent operatives, wet waste licenced treatment facility, on site plant fitters and maintenance team, service vans, hire desk department, waste and OCR Road Haulage managers and Iosh and Nebosh health and safety and training managers.  

As most of our work covers both municipal street cleansing and heavier duty work, we have found the Johnston VT range to be the most efficient in both performance and efficiency, and as such the V range represents over 95% of our fleet. From personal experience we find that the Johnston V Range delivers consistently high pick-up performance when collecting both road planings and inert waste.

The road sweeper is also available in conjunction with the high pressure road jetter for ultimate cleaning which brings dirty road surfaces back to their former glory!

UBU Fleet

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Our Sweepers

Available in dual or single sweep configuration, the maximum 3.6m swept path ensures superb coverage per hour – and with high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks, UBU spec sweepers are designed to stay at work for longer which means you get more value for money! 

  • Annual investment to constantly upgrade the fleet

  • Powered by a dedicated high-performance auxiliary engine. 

  • Offer a great balance between performance and environmental impact

  • 80% of the UBU fleet are fitted with Euro 6 Engines. This contribute less harmful emissions into the air than older engines, helping to minimise our carbon footprint. 

  • VT range offers a low Noise and low Water solution 

  • VT range offers High dust suppression using cyclonic airflow

  • Reversing Camera, gully sucking equipment, water, hand lance all provided as standard in cost of hire.

  • Full 6 weekly inspection procedure in place to promote proactive maintenance and reduce breakdowns or downtime.

  • High focus on safety including operator training, risk management and auxiliary vehicle awareness including beacons, white noise sensors, reversing aids and hazard warning lights. 

  • Dedicated depot with 24-hour availability

  • Full minute by minute tracking system and custom built dispatch system

  • Bespoke wet waste treatment plant to treat all wet waste which is taken away from site where the customer does not have the facilities to dispose of their own waste. 

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We have been using UBU sweeper service on our site for around 4 or 5 months now, and we have noticed the difference in service and quality from the last company we used. Drivers are on time, efficient and go out of their way to help. We have been very impressed with the service from the drivers and office staff.


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