Jet Washing

Our road sweepers are fitted with a high pressure Supawash system which can be used for the cleaning of our vehicles, other plant and machinery, street furniture and a variety of hard to reach or weight restricted areas. The Supawash system itself is fitted with a 15-meter hand lance giving one of our qualified Road sweeper operatives the flexibility to clean a variety of surfaces and areas. Additionally, a low pressure wash down hose allows our vehicles to top up water tanks on plant and machinery as well as to help clean the road sweeper itself!

A heavy duty, rear mounted “Wanderhose” with a maximum cleaning depth of 1475mm can also be easily deployed to allow the cleaning and emptying of gullies. The versatility of our Jet washers, also allows a member of our team to clean down the vehicle before exiting a site, ensuring they don’t contaminate the highways or surrounding areas.

Water Jet

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Road Sweeper

Jet Washing Service from UBU

  • Low pressure wash down hose 

  • Can be used to replenish water tanks on plant

  • Washes sweeper equipment and vehicles as well as plant on site

  • Supawash fitted with chiselled jets used to clean down roads and kerb lines 

  • Hand lance fitted with 15m hose used to clean street furniture and the sweeper itself 

  • Line cleaning jets and detergent injection enhances the supawash option 

  • Hopper strainer can be used to be filled to increase the flushing capacity of up to 2400 litres

  • Heavy duty rear mounted Wanderhose also available to empty gullies

  • The single piece rear hose is easily deployed with a max cleaning depth of 1475mm

  • Versatile and easily transportable

  • Cleans hard to reach areas quickly and efficiently

  • No contamination to any surrounding areas

Areas We Cover

Greater Manchester
Manchester North
Manchester South
Lake District