BEAM Rear Suction Back to Black Sweeper

For surfaces that are in need of that bit extra or for any more demanding sweeping conditions, our Scania mounted Beam Sweepers have Full Width Rear Suction and are perfect for giving your surface that “Back to Black” finish in just one pass.

As well as incorporating similar front jetting, dual sweep and suction to our road sweepers, this deep cleaning machine is fitted with additional full width rear suction nozzles, which enables this vehicle to collect any debris that has been dislodged by the high-pressure water jetting system located behind the rear wheels.

This water jetting system which offers 60% more pressure than a standard V-Range Supawash system, is great for the deeper cleaning of most surfaces and in dryer weather, can offer high performance dust eradication which with its rear suction ensures that nothing is left behind.

These high-performance cleaning machines also come with several features which make them much less harmful to the environment, which includes their Euro 6 compliant engines, water recirculation systems and exceptional tanker capacity, allowing them to stay on the job for longer.

High performance surface cleansing

Airside cleaning (Airport runways)

Dust Suppression

Chemical spills

Oil spills

Road resurfacing

Improve tarmac adhesion

Remove ingrained staining

Industrial site cleaning

Construction site cleaning

Rear suction

The full width, rear suction delivers outstanding pick up following on from the regular suction included. This ensures that nothing is left behind and that we are able to return your surface back to its original gleaming state in just one pass.

Rear water jetting

Delivering 60% more pressure than a regular V-range sweeper, this Back to Black sweeper is fitted with 22 V-jet nozzles located just behind the rear wheels which sprays high pressure water into the remaining dirt on the surface, leaving a perfect finish.

Low environmental impact

As well as being mounted onto a Euro 6 compliant, Scania body, the sweepers bespoke water recirculation system not only boosts time spent on site before refilling, but it can help save over 900 litres of water per day.

BEAM Rear Suction Specification

BEAM Rear Suction Specification

Length (cowl and hopper) 4085mm

Width 2470mm

Height 3630mm

Maximum sweeping path 3600mm

Hopper capacity 8.0m3

Hopper constructed with 1.4301 stainless steel

Water tank capacity 2400L (4100 L with Powawash)

SmartLink vehicle tracking and management system

JCB Auxiliary engines – highest standard for emissions

Noise suppression hoods for driver and pedestrian safety

Available with chapter 8

Interior master control panel