High Pressure Road Jetter

Introducing the Ultimate Blasting Unit ….. Our custom-made High Pressure Road Jetter!

This powerful Jetter utilises high pressure, low volume, self-cleaning jets to blast blades of water into the road surface and with its long spray-bar and further side jetting nozzles, it ensures that even the most difficult of debris can be removed from your surface.

Due to the amount of dirt that can often be spread around construction sites, this vehicle is perfect for the removal of large amounts that have become embedded in the surface which if not properly removed, can become dangerous.

To combat this, our Jetter delivers water at rapid speeds, dislodging all debris from the surface. Once released, one of our sweepers can act as the perfect partner for this vehicle, to leave your surface looking as good as new.

Ultimate Blasting Unit in use

UBU’s High Pressure Road Jetter and fully qualified operators are expertly equipped to deal with any cleaning requirements you may have. Please get in touch with our dedicated Hire Desk team to discuss the most suitable options for your cleaning needs.

Heavily soiled roads

Dust Suppression

Airside cleaning (Airport runways)

Construction site cleaning

Industrial site cleaning

Post flood situations

Bowser filling

Powerful Jetting Performance

Across its 2.5-meter-wide spray bar, our Jetter is fitted with self-cleaning turbo nozzles that can blast water into your surface at around 267 litres per minute, allowing even the most stubborn of debris to be removed from the area.

High Capacity Water Tank

Fitted with a custom-made water tanker that holds 18,000 litres of fresh water, our jetter is designed with longer shifts in mind so that when we arrive on your site, it will be even longer before we have to refill.

Rear Water Dispensation

For larger areas in need of assistance with dust suppression, the rear water dispensation enables us to safely administer water to any surface with high dust content, before one of our sweepers trails behind to remove the water and dust from site.


High Pressure Road Jetter Specifications

Height – 3.8m

Width – 2.5m

Jet Bar Width - 2.5m

Gross Vehicle Weight – 26 Tonnes

Self Cleaning Turbo Nozzles at 267 Litres Per Minute at 155 Barr

Water Capacity – 18,000 Litres

Right Hand Drive


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Areas Covered

UBU Environmental Ltd are based in Manchester with excellent motorway networks. For full details of the areas our High Pressure Road Jetters cover, click here.