High Pressure Road Jetter

Introducing the Ultimate Blasting Unit ….. Our custom-made High Pressure Road Jetter uses powerful front bar water jets to lift dirt from the road surface. The High Pressure Road Jetter uses High Pressure, low volume, self-cleaning water jets to blast blades of water into the road surface. The 2.5 metre long spray-bar ensures a back to black finish on whatever surface it is cleaning. Additional side and rear water blasting ensures that the road looks brand spanking new. The High Pressure Road Jetter is most effective used in conjunction with a Road Sweeper, working behind to clear any debris jetted up by the high pressure jets.

UBU’s High Pressure Road Jetter and fully qualified operators are expertly equipped to deal with any cleaning requirements you may have. Please get in touch with our dedicated Hire Desk team to discuss the most suitable options for your cleaning needs.

Ultimate Blasting Unit in use

High Pressure Road Jetter Services:

Final Site Clear Ups

Construction sites produce a large amount of dirt and dust that is easily spread around surrounding areas. UBU’s dust suppression service ensures essential construction site safety is maintained and protects the surrounding environment from contamination. The stainless steel water tank holds a whopping 18000 litres of clean water. This machine will get your surfaces ‘back to black’.

Back to Black

Combined use of our Ultimate Blasting Unit and Road Sweeper can achieve back to black cleaning of tarmac roads, airport runways and construction sites, to achieve a near new look. This bespoke unit blasts water into the grains of the road surface for the ultimate clean. UBU’s Back to Black cleaning is effective even after spills of oil, chemicals or other hazardous materials.

Heavily Soiled Roads

Our High Pressure Road Jetter is the perfect vehicle for the clearance of heavily soiled roads and post-flood situations. The large amount of dirt and debris left over after flood drainage can be a serious hazard to road users. Our state-of-the-art High Pressure Road Jetters and Road Sweepers can clean the roads efficiently, ensuring safety is maintained. This vehicle can also act as the ultimate cleansing system through incorporation of detergents, allowing a rapid cleaning and disinfecting solution.


High Pressure Road Jetter Specifications

Height – 3.8m

Width – 2.5m

Jet Bar Width - 2.5m

Gross Vehicle Weight – 26 Tonnes

Self Cleaning Turbo Nozzles at 267 Litres Per Minute at 155 Barr

Water Capacity – 18,000 Litres

Right Hand Drive


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Areas Covered

UBU Environmental Ltd are based in Manchester with excellent motorway networks. For full details of the areas our High Pressure Road Jetters cover, click here.