Gully Sucking & Emptying

UBU Environmental Ltd has the specialist equipment and qualified personnel necessary to enable the cleaning and removal of waste from drains, sewers, interceptors and lagoons. Where the reason for the blockage is not immediately apparent, CCTV drain and sewer surveys allow UBU to quickly identify the reason for the problem, allowing for informed recommendations. Our tanker units enable us to remove large volumes of liquid waste quickly and efficiently. The selection of the right vehicle for the job will depend upon the depth and location of the gully that needs sucking.

Road sweeper

  • A rigid hose with a flexible extension enables the Sweeper to park next to any standard road gully and suck out any silt or debris, before resealing it with fresh water.

  • The heavy duty, rear mounted Wanderhose that has a maximum cleaning depth of 1475 mm allows the sweeper to clean and empty gullies quickly and efficiently.

  • The Wanderhose has a 280 degree rotation and a diameter of up to 200mm with water injection, meaning it can empty gullies down to 1570mm safely from the kerb side.

Drain Works

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UBU Maintenance

Jet Vac Whale Tanker 

The Jet Vac Whale Tanker is used to remove the build-up of silt or debris that sinks and collects at the bottom of sewer pipes. If not extracted regularly, these materials solidify into a rock-like substance, blocking the pipe and reducing the flow capacity of the system. Additionally, construction materials such as grout, sealant and rubble sometimes enter drains and can end up causing blockages, often resulting in flooding.

  • The Jet Vac Whale tanker is equipped with high pressure water jetting to clear gully connections and domestic drains

  • All wet waste collected into the Jet Vac tanker can be transported back to our depot which holds and environmental licence to treat and dispose of the wet waste

  • Jet Vac tanker has a load capacity of 6800 litres 

  • Jet Vac Whale Tanker provides an excellent solution for emptying and cleaning roadside gullies fast and efficiently

  • The gully Whale is multi functional vehicle ideal for working on mainline sewers, gullies and drains

  • Gully emptying boom with air & water jets

  • Up to 120lpm @ 120 bar

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