Proactive Maintenance

Having a proactive maintenance regime in place can help to prevent costs resulting from emergency works. UBU Environmental Ltd are fully equipped and highly experienced to deal with a variety of site, industrial estate, car park and highway proactive maintenance projects. By carrying out regular maintenance projects such as gully sucking and leaf collection, we can help you to avoid potentially damaging situations.

General Maintenance

  • Leaf Collection
  • Site Cleaning
  • Muck shifting support
  • Gully Sucking
  • Drain Jetting
  • Highway debris build-up
  • Motorway hard shoulder maintenance
  • Road Sweeping
  • Gully Emptying
UBU Worker

Please get in touch with our Hire Desk team to discuss the most suitable options for your proactive maintenance needs. 

UBU Worker On Job

Autumn Street Cleaning

Regular street cleaning is particularly important during the autumn months. Leaves, along with litter and other debris, build up and cause serious blockages. Regular maintenance including leaf collection can help to avoid blockages and prevent flooding. 

Blockage and Flood Prevention

Strategies to prevent pollution and flooding should involve regular drain maintenance to reduce the risk of blockages. Regular gully emptying by our team, to ensure drainage is in full working order, can help to ensure the system is better equipped to cope with severe weather, reducing the risk of flooding. Areas that are particularly prone to blockages can be identified and maintained more regularly.


Here at UBU Environment taking responsibility for the sustainability of our processes is extremely important. That is why we divert much of our road sweeping waste from landfill, using our innovative waste treatment plant.

“Used UBU for many years, excellent customer service, prompt reliable service wouldn’t use anybody else. Majority of works alongside our surfacing team on a daily basis, other works inc Gully cleaning, jetting – Never let us down and always accommodate last minute Jobs. Wouldn’t hesitate to pass your details on to other contacts, great job!”  

Argyle N.W

Lauren Wheeler

Buyer - Argyle NW Construction Ltd

Areas Covered

UBU Environmental Limited are based in Manchester with excellent motorway networks. Click here for a full list of areas covered