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Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality

UBU Environmental Ltd is committed to securing the Health and Safety of all our employees, customers and the public. We constantly review and update our policies and procedures to ensure that we hold the most accurate and up to date information in relation to our risks, our control measures, our policies and our safe systems of work.

Our operatives represent UBU, so we guarantee that information, instruction and training is consistent and of the highest standard available in the road sweeping industry. To meet this high standard, the UBU safety management team have developed a bespoke induction and ongoing training programme which specifically assesses the suitability of a candidate based upon key performance indicators in both a practical and classroom-based environment. We promote continuous improvement and undertake refresher training to continually review our operative’s standards.

This training extends from induction level categories such as manual handling training, through to the delivery of an NVQ Level 2 specific to Roads weeping and Gully sucking. The successful completion of this 3rd party accredited vocational qualification entitles the operative to apply for a blue CSCS cards which is an industry recognised demonstration of their understanding in policy compliance, health and safety and the operation of a road sweeper.

By employing our very own full-time Health, Safety and Training manager who is a member of IOSH, we look to promote a proactive approach towards accident prevention which leads from the top, creating a positive culture throughout the company.

Quality Road sweepers

Quality isn’t only a value we seek in our employees, but also in the choice of road sweeper we select for our 130-strong fleet! It’s imperative that UBU can consistently demonstrate the highest level of reliability and with that key focus in mind, UBU have selected the Johnston V range which has established itself as Johnston’s most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper. The latest V Range sweepers have been developed from over 60 years of evolution and continuous improvement. UBU understand that productivity is driven by reliability and dependability through fewer breakdowns or service interventions. This, combined with great suction performance, quick engage options and an ease of onsite adjustments results in increased working time for the sweeper and a happier customer.

Another key feature of the V Range is its commitment to the environment! The V Range sweepers have a number of features which put them in a class of their own which is another reason that UBU had made them its preferred truck mounted sweeper. The VT range is manufactured in a factory accredited to ISO 14001. The VT range are also fitted with auxiliary engines supplied by JCB which meet the highest standards for emissions and environmental impacts.

Euro 6 Engines - All sweepers in the fleet which are registered after September 2015 are fitted with the Euro 6 engine which sets out the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions. For areas where emission zones are in force UBU can ensure that cleaning and maintenance can be carried out without the customer having a fine or penalty charge imposed.

Low Fuel Consumption - The VT Twin engine sweeper uses less fuel at lower revs than the VS or VM single engine sweepers in the majority of applications. At maximum revs the VT will use more fuel but will have better suction. Johnston has 4 power pack options to allow the best balance of fuel consumption, cost and power to match the application.

VT Range - A twin engine sweeper provides the greatest flexibility. The sweeping operations are totally independent from the chassis and therefore can offer the lowest fuel consumption on low revs or best possible suction performance on maximum revs.

High Dust Suppression - Debris is sucked in a direct route from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper, reducing wear and tear as well as maintenance. Once debris is in the hopper, the Johnston cyclonic airflow helps separate debris, and the clean air is released into the atmosphere.

Noise - The VT sweepers are equipped with noise suppression hoods, encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing and noise attenuation vanes are installed as standard in the air exhaust system. Noise at the driver’s ear is less than 75 dB(A) at maximum revs (chassis dependant), creating a safer operating environment for both the driver and pedestrians. The engine can be set to lower revs for night sweeping which reduces the noise levels by 50%.

Road sweeper Waste Treatment and Recovery of Materials - UBU Environmental Limited, has recently commissioned a turnkey road sweeping recycling system from CDEnviro which will process in excess of 50,000T annually. Our system is compliant with an EMS which has been externally verified to meet the requirements of our Environment Agency Licence which permits us to collect and treat inert Road sweeper waste at our own premises in Manchester.

Eunited 4-Star Certified - CNG compatible PM10 and PM2.5. Optional microtrap dust suppression system for additional particulate matter control.

End-of-Life - The V range is constructed from quality materials designed to provide years of continuous performance and reliable service. End-of-life disposal is enhanced by the V Range sweeper being almost 100% recyclable.

Low Water Usage - The V Range uses as standard yellow mist atomising jets to reduce water usage by 20% or red nozzle jets, with higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional Water Recirculation System can save up to 900 litres of water per day extending the on station time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan. Its also worth noting that water recirculation extends on-station time by up to 4 hours and reduces the non-productive time refilling.

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal

Where construction sites are not licensed to dispose of road sweeper waste on suitably approved locations on-site, UBU Environmental Ltd can provide an environmentally sound and extremely cost-effective alternative to Landfill sites.

This system allows the recovery and re-use of recycled material including the use of sand and stone for offsetting virgin materials. This includes pipe bedding, landscaping uses and sub-bases, resulting in far-reaching environmental benefits.

Annual increases in landfill tax have significantly increased the costs associated with disposal of road sweeping and gully waste for companies who offer reception and collection services for this waste. As disposal costs continue to rise, the commercial argument for cleaning Road Sweeping and Gully Waste becomes even stronger.

Why Choose UBU?

UBU Environmental offers you:

  • On-site collection of your waste material
  • Removal of landfill fees
  • Elimination of transport costs
  • A circular economy solution
  • 100% diversion from landfill
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