Flooding and Drain Assistance

Increased weather extremes in the UK has seen a dramatic increase in the risk of flooding to properties, roads and businesses. Due to the inaccessibility of flooded areas it is imperative to have both off road capabilities as well as leading vacuum tanker technology. UBUs fleet of jet vac whale tankers can meet these demands and as they are built to offer a large liquid storage capacity and have a large hose range designed to remove liquid waste at rapid rates. 

From a maintenance perspective, localised flooding can also be worsened through poor maintenance of gully’s and drains. UBU can offer a full gully sucking and culvert cleaning service to prevent waste build-up and promote proactive site management and highway cleansing. 

Following sudden floods, once the water has been drained away, there is often a large amount of leftover dirt. If this dirt is left to spread across roads it can become extremely dangerous for road users. Our state-of-the-art High-Pressure Road Jetters and Road Sweepers can clean the roads efficiently, ensuring safety is maintained. This facilitates a full response plan which allows minimum downtime and disruption for the client. 

UBU has vast experience of responding to floods, drain and gully blockages and our wet waste treatment facility means that we can take the waste away and dispose of it at our registered facility.

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UBU Mad max unit

We currently offer this full service to many utility companies, industrial depots and rail operators. 

  • 24 hour Emergency response 

  • Gully Emptying

  • Removal of all wet waste to our approved treatment facility 

  • Culvert Cleaning

  • Pumping and sucking of large volumes of wet waste water

  • Chapter 8 compliant Fleet

  • CSCS all operatives

  • Capacity to reach hard to access areas with extended hose

We have used  UBU Environmental Ltd services for UBU Vac Tankers for over 5 years now, they have grown significantly over this time whilst maintaining the highest level of work and advice. They are fast, reliable and always manage to jet any blockages clear, allowing us to get our job done quickly and efficiently….


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