Wet Waste Transfer & Treatment

UBU ensure that waste received at our treatment plant is transported and treated using the correct EWCs. UBU understands that the Waste Producer has a responsibility to ensure their waste is transported, treated and or disposed of using the correct Environmental Waste Codes.

We ensure that there is a full Audit Trail of all applicable waste from ‘Cradle to Grave’. The EWC used for general Roadsweeping and jet vac tanker gully waste is 20 03 03 and this EWC should be listed on the ‘Permitted Waste Codes’ of any disposal facility which receives Roadsweeper waste.

Other permitted wastes include; leaves, litter, mud, dust and aggregates. UBU’s Jet Vac Whale Tanker can collect and remove waste from a diverse range of sources, such as drains, sewers, gullies, septic tanks and storage tanks.

Waste Materials
Environment Agency

UBU Environmental Ltd is licensed through the Environment Agency to collect, keep and treat wet waste at our own premises in Manchester.

17 Construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)
17 01 Concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics
17 01 01 Concrete
17 01 02 Bricks
17 01 03 Tiles and ceramics
17 01 07 Mixtures of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics other than those mentioned in 17 01 06
17 05 Soil (including excavated soil from contaminated sites), stones and dredging spoil
17 05 04 Soil and stones other than those mentioned in 17 05 03
17 05 06 Dredging spoil other than those mentioned in 17 05 05
17 09 Other construction and demolition wastes
17 09 04 Mixed construction and demolition wastes other than those mentioned in 17 09 01, 17 09 02 and 17 09 03
20 Municipal wastes (household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes) including separately collected fractions
20 03 Other municipal wastes
20 03 03 Street-cleaning residues

We at IWJS are fortunate that we have UBU environmental to dispose of our inert wet waste at their waste treatment facility in Manchester. UBU offer a fast and friendly service with all the requirements for waste disposal set out by the environment agency followed.


Jake Boydell

Contracts Manager, IWJS