Bowser Filling

UBU can offer water bowser solutions ranging from our high capacity Jet vac whale tankers with up to 18,000 litre capacity through to our high-pressure road jetters, which can distribute around 96 gallons of water per minute! The safe transportation of water to and from your site, mean that you are left with the best results when it comes to emergency situations, site clean ups or any proactive maintenance to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Hiring one of our vehicles also offers you a solution for accessing water quickly when faced with no site access to water allowing even the most challenging of projects to be completed on time whilst ensuring maximum safety. On other sites where wheel washing or the replenishment of IBC’s is necessary, UBU’s water bowser solutions can offer fast and reliable service to meet your specific needs.

UBU Jet Vac Tanker

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UBU Bowser Filling Service

  • Up to 18,000 litre capacity on our Jet vac Whale tankers

  • High pressure road jetters can distribute up to 96 gallons of water per minute 

  • Safe and reliable transportation of large volumes of clean water 

  • Meets health and safety needs for wheel washing where other options may not be available 

  • Access to water in even the most challenging of environments 

  • Suitable for temporary and established sites  

  • Fully compliant standpipes hired from the appropriate water authority to draw water off the network for your project.

We have used UBU Environmental for a number of years now due to their excellent service they provide both on and off site. Operationally; a very dynamic company who do their upmost to accommodate the inevitable constant changes that come with running a site(s). Very reassuring to see internal investment within a company resulting in consistently well maintained and clean plant, if not new. – Would Highly Recommend. Thanks UBU.


Mike Kenworthy

Sub Agent, Galliford Try Infrastructure

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