Leaf Collection

If you have a proactive maintenance plan to prevent your drains and gullies from being blocked, UBU can offer a high-quality leaf collection service using either our Johnston VT Truck mounted road sweepers or where access is limited, our smaller precinct sweepers. 

UBU can also unblock drains and gullies which have become blocked with leaf or other debris to prevent flooding. 

Both ensure superb coverage per hour and all UBU spec sweepers are designed to stay at work for longer which means you get more value for money!

Sweeping Leaves

UBU are here for all your leaf collection needs! Get in touch today.

UBU Sweeper leaves

UBU Leaf Collection Services Include:

  • The V Range features a sloping hopper floor; this allows leaves and debris to slide out of the hopper easily, reducing the amount of cleaning required

  • Up to 7000kg payload

  • Up to 3600mm swept brush width on simultaneous sweep

  • The V Range dual sweep can sweep both near side and offside kerbs and change from one to the other simply via a single button

  • Where leaves are embedded into the road, a high-pressure road jetter can work in conjunction with the road sweeper to loosen the debris. The sweeper will follow the jetter and lift the debris from the road after it has been dislodged by the high pressure jetting system. 

  • Our wet waste treatment facility means we can bring the leaf waste back to the depot so that it can be treated using our bespoke we waste plant.

Areas We Cover

Greater Manchester
Manchester North
Manchester South
Lake District