Rates for Hire

UBU Environmental Ltd Hires out all its vehicles under the CPA terms of operated plant and machinery.

We would request that for an accurate quotation you contact the Hiredesk on 0161 703 7777. The below is just a guide on how a Hire is priced.

Hire chart operated Roadsweeper High Pressure Road Jetter Precinct Sweeper Jet Vac Whale Tanker
Minimum Hire Day 7am-6pm* 1 8 8 5
Minimum hire night, weekend, bank-holiday** 8 8 8 8
Emergency callout min hours at overtime rate*** 12 12 12 12
Travel to and from site At hourly rate At hourly rate Drop off and collection cost At hourly rate
Waste minimum only charged where waste is to be removed by UBU 1 Load N/A 1 Load 5 Tonne

* (Excluding travel to and from site) ** (Excluding travel to and from site) *** (Plus travel each way at same rate and waste where applicable)

Additional info:
Emergency call out fees are quoted on a case by case basis – please note we operate a minimum charge and hire time for emergency call outs Our sweeper will arrive at the job with water in the tank, however if they need to replenish the used water during the hire this will be carried out within the hire. We do not deduct time for water filling.

When booking a UBU Operated Vehicle the price quoted will include the following categories:


  • Wet waste is uplifted and removed via the Road sweeper and waste is charged on a ‘Per Load’ basis.
  • UBU ensure that their customers waste is transported and treated using the correct EWCs.
  • UBU understands that the Waste Producer (Our Customer) has a responsibility to ensure their waste is transported, treated and or disposed of using the correct Environmental Waste Codes. We ensure that there is a full Audit Trail of YOUR waste from ‘Cradle to Grave’. The EWC used for general Road sweeping and gully waste is 20 03 03 and this EWC should be listed on the ‘Permitted Waste Codes’ of any disposal facility which receives Road sweeper waste.
Road Sweeper leaves

Setting up an account

Please contact our Hire Desk team on 0161 703 7777 for our Credit Trading Application form. Once the form is fully completed please ensure it is returned to the accounts department (accounts@ubusweepers.co.uk) and we will undertake a credit check using Experian.
Please note that you are expected to accept our terms and conditions of hire as well as our health and safety terms of hire as part of the credit trading application. Our payment terms are 30 days from month end for accounts where credit has been offered. Our terms and your credit limit will be communicated to you in writing and your account will be set up using this information.

For customers who are unable to satisfy our credit terms or just want a one-off job completing we can still offer our Hire service but will require a payment upfront. Please discuss the job requirements with our Hire Desk department who are able to give you an estimated cost for the job and also take payment either over the phone or via a bank transfer. The job will be only carried out once payment is received. Please note that on some occasions our estimated cost is either less or more than the actual cost of the job, if this happens you will be contacted to clear the balance or to arrange a refund. Your VAT invoice will be sent after the job is completed along with the proof of delivery / waste transfer note.

Payment Cards Accepted:

American Express    All major credit and debit cards  Business credit cards *

*Please note there is a 3% bank charge for using any type of commercial / business CREDIT cards. This is a handling charge imposed by the payee’s bank and not UBU’s bank. There is no charge for commercial debit or private debit or private credit cards. Your VAT invoice and payment receipt will be sent via post to the address where the card is registered after the payment is received into our bank. Please note that this can take up to 5 working days.


Please get in touch with our team to discuss the most suitable options for your project via hiredesk@ubusweepers.co.uk or 0161 703 7777.