• I’m looking for long-term road sweeper hire. Can you offer this?

    Yes we can. Please get in touch with our Hire Desk on 0161 703 7777 to discuss your project.

  • Which areas do you service /operate in?

    UBU Environmental operates within an 50 mile radius of the Manchester area. If in doubt about whether your area is covered, please contact our Hire Desk on 0161 703 7777. For longer duration contracts we are happy to travel ouside of our usual catchment area. 

  • What weight are your largest road sweepers?

    Our largest road sweepers weigh between 15-18 tonnes.

  • How can I get a quote for road sweeper hire?

    To discuss your needs and get a tailored quote, please contact our Hire Desk team on 0161 703 777 or at hiredesk@ubusweepers.co.uk.

  • How long can I hire my road sweeper for?

    Road sweeper hire starts from a minimum of 1 hour, with no maximum time.

  • Are your drivers accredited? Do they have the necessary qualifications?

    Yes, all of our drivers have Level 2 NVQs and hold up to date CSCS cards, as well as additional specialist qualifications including Area 10 and BMJV for working on smart motorways.

  • Where does our sweeper waste go?

    Where construction sites are not licensed to dispose of road sweeper waste on suitably approved locations on-site, UBU Environmental Ltd. can provide an environmentally sound and extremely cost-effective alternative to landfill sites. Our innovative on-site waste treatment plant diverts tonnes of road sweeper and gully waste from landfill. This sustainable system allows the recovery and re-use of recycled material including the use of sand and stone for offsetting virgin materials. Our facility produces recovered aggregates and sand for re-use in different applications, tested to BS EN standard protocol. For more information on our waste treatment plant, please click here.

  • What does UBU stand for?

    UBU stands for exceptional service at an exceptional price!!

  • How many sweepers do you have?

    We have a fleet of approximately 140 sweepers, and over 60% of these are  Johnston VT Truck Mounted Euro 6 compliant Road Sweepers. UBU has a fleet investment programme which is committed to the purchase of state of the art sweepers.

  • Can you leave the sweeper on site / in our compound?

    If the hire is covered by your own insurance then we can discuss this with you. However we encourage all vehicles to return to the dept each evening so they can be washed off and visually inspected each day in line with our proactive maintenace schedule. Please contact our Hire Desk however if this is a critical part of the contract requirements.

  • Can I pay using a debit or credit card?

    Yes, we accept any card payment over the phone. Howeve, please note there is a 3% bank charge for using any type of commercial / business CREDIT card. This is a handling charge imposed by the payee’s bank and not UBU’s bank

    There is no charge for commercial debit or private debit or private credit cards. Your VAT invoice and payment receipt will be sent via post to the address where the card is registered after the payment received into our bank. Please note that this can take up to 5 working days.

  • How do I set up a credit account?

    Please contact our Hire Desk on 0161 703 7777 for our Credit Trading Application form. Once the fully completed form is returned to the accounts department (accounts@ubusweepers.co.uk), we will undertake a credit check using Experian. Please note that you are expected to accept our terms and conditions of hire, as well as our health and safety terms of hire as part of the credit trading application. Our payment terms are 30 days from month end for accounts where credit has been offered. Our terms and your credit limit will be communicated to you in writing and your account will be set up using this information.

  • Can I make payment upfront if I don’t have or want an account?

    For customers who are unable to satisfy our credit terms or just want a one-off job completing, we can still offer our Hire service but we will require a payment upfront. Please discuss the job requirements with our Hire Desk department who are able to give you an estimated cost for the job and also take payment either over the phone or via a bank transfer. The job will be only carried out once payment is received.

    Please note that on some occasions our estimated cost is either less or more than the actual cost of the job. If this happens, you will be contacted to clear the balance or to arrange a refund. Your VAT invoice will be sent after the job is completed along with the proof of delivery / waste transfer note.

  • How can I apply to work at UBU Environmental Ltd?

    UBU Environmental Ltd are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications for any vacancies from all sectors of the community. We support Salford City Councils Charter for employment standards, and we are a living wage employer. We are Disability Confident committed. To find out about our current vacancies, please get in touch with us on 0161 703 7777.

  • Why is your sweeper working at night when residents are in bed? Why is your sweeper making noise outside my house?

    UBU Environmental Ltd provide an operated road sweeper hire to customers who will have responsibility for keeping areas clean and debris free. This is most likely a health and safety requirement to prevent accidents or mess on the highway.

    Sometimes the work might be because of an emergency accident or spillage. The customer may therefore need to complete these works when there is less traffic around so this could include nights and weekends. We are always more than happy to put you in touch with the main contractor so that they can give a full explanation about why the works had to be scheduled at that time. UBU is committed to completing work in a quick and efficient way to minimise disruption.

    Our VT sweepers are equipped with noise suppression hoods, encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing and noise attenuation vanes are installed as standard in the air exhaust system. Noise at the driver’s ear is less than 75 dB(A) at maximum revs (chassis dependant), creating a safer operating environment for both the driver and pedestrians. The engine can be set to lower revs for night sweeping which reduces the noise levels by 50%.

  • Why is your driver outside my house using a water hydrant?

    UBU Environmental Ltd are fully licensed to draw water off the network using an appropriate standpipe hired from the water authority responsible for the area we are working in. UBU will only use approved standpipes and will ensure adherence to the rules associated with the hire of those standpipes, which are put in place to prevent contamination and to maintain the safety and wellbeing of operatives, the public and the water network.

    All of our UBU drivers complete ‘Aquam’s Calm Networks’ training which has received a Certificate of Accreditation from the Institute of Water. They provide training and assessment of acceptable levels of competency when operating a range of valve technologies found in the water network. Calm Networks training ensures that UBU operators achieve an understanding of the causes and avoidance of transient surge in the network which is a major cause of leaks and bursts in pipe infrastructure.

  • Why is your driver tipping down the grid on my street?

    Sometimes it can look as if our operators are tipping down a grid, but they are in fact accessing the water network using a standpipe which we are fully licensed and trained to do.

  • Your driver has used a fire hydrant. What should I do?

    All of our operators go through thorough training on the safe and legal use of hydrants. However, if you suspect any misuse, please report it to UBU Environmental immediately to be investigated (hiredesk@ubusweepers.co.uk).

  • Why is your road sweeper blowing dust behind it?

    Sometimes when conditions are dry, small amounts of dust may be spread by the brushes. We have fully risk-assessed this issue and, as a control measure, we always suppress dust by first spraying water down before sweeping roads. This technique ensures safety is maintained and protects the surrounding environment from contamination. Our operatives receive full training in environmental hazards in the workplace.

    Debris is sucked in a direct route from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper. Once debris is in the hopper, the Johnston cyclonic airflow helps separate debris, and the clean air is released into the atmosphere.


At UBU Environmental, we take all complaints very seriously, following a thorough complaint’s procedure. If you would like to see a copy, please email rebecca@ubusweepers.co.uk to make a request.