Jet Vac Whale Tanker

Jet Vac Whale Tanker

UBU Environmental Ltd has the specialist equipment and qualified personnel necessary to enable the cleaning and removal of waste from drains, sewers, interceptors and lagoons. CCTV drain and sewer surveys allow UBU to quickly identify the reason for the problem, allowing for informed recommendations. Our tanker units enable us to remove large volumes of liquid waste quickly and efficiently.

Our Jetter recycling units have the capability to operate as an air mover or conventional vacuum unit together with the continuous recycling of jetting water. This enables the unit to spend more time on the cleaning process before replenishing the jetting water. Our greener machines result in less time off the job, saving you both time and money. 

The Jet Vac Whale Tanker offers high performance jetting for difficult cleaning applications. It features a large liquid ring vacuum pump for exceptionally powerful vacuum loading, enabling lifting of liquid and dry waste from depths beyond 30 metres (vertical) and further (horizontal) by pneumatic conveyance. 

UBU Ltd is a member of the Water Jetting Association, following their stringent Codes of Practice regarding health and safety. 

UBU Tanker & Truck


  • Gullies Emptied
  • Checked and Serviced
  • Interceptors Unblocked & Serviced
  • Inspection Chambers Pumped Out
  • Serviced and Repaired


  • Flooded Areas Pumped Out
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Blocked Drain Cleared
  • Maintenance & Contract Work
  • Emergency Response Available
UBU Maintenance

Jet Vac Whale Tanker Services

The Jet Vac Whale Tanker is used to remove the build-up of silt or debris that sinks and collects at the bottom of sewer pipes. If not extracted regularly, these materials solidify into a rock-like substance, blocking the pipe and reducing the flow capacity of the system. Additionally, construction materials such as grout, sealant and rubble sometimes enter drains and can end up causing blockages.

High pressure water is delivered from the tanker to break up difficult blockages or obstructions, in areas such as pipes, drains, sewers, gullies, septic tanks, soakaways, grease traps and interceptors. 

The high-pressure jets break up the debris/blockage, allowing it to be vacuumed into the Jet Vac Whale Tanker. If large volumes of wastewater are removed the waste can be processed on site at UBU Environmental, if you don’t have the facilities for treatment on site.

UBU Environmental Ltd are the only Road Sweeper Company with an approved treatment and safe disposal site in the North West.

We have used  UBU Environmental Ltd services for UBU Vac Tankers for over 5 years now, they have grown significantly over this time whilst maintaining the highest level of work and advice. They are fast, reliable and always manage to jet any blockages clear, allowing us to get our job done quickly and efficiently….


Kelsey Berry

Team Leader - NMCM

Prevention / Maintenance

Strategies to prevent pollution and flooding should involve regular drain maintenance to reduce the risk of blockages. Regular visits from our team to ensure drainage is in full working order can help to ensure the system is better equipped to cope with severe weather, reducing the risk of flooding.


UBU can also handle emergency situations, such as flooding caused by extreme weather or blockages. We can work any time, day or night, offering 24-hour phoneline assistance.

UBU’s Jet Vac Whale Tanker and fully qualified operators are expertly equipped to deal with any blockages and maintenance projects you require. Please get in touch with our dedicated Hire Desk team to discuss the most suitable options.


Jet Vac Whale Tanker Specifications

Chapter 8 compliant

96 gallons of water per minute

Standard Hydraulic Overhead Loading Boom 150mm (6”)

2000i Liquid Ring Pump Output 1700m3/hr (1000cfm) externally mounted

ORCA 500 - Pratissoli MW45 Series Jetting Pump (58gpm @ 2250psi) 263lpm

Tipping Body - Multi Stage Ram front mounted

Main Self Aligning Hose Reel - 100 Mtr of 1” Thermoplastic Sewer Jetting Hose

Hydraulic powered Secondary Hose reel - 60Mtr of 1/2” High Pressure Hose

Heavy Duty Unloader Valve

Automatic Interconnecting Valve

Tank PRV - System PRV - (Type Approved)

Fully Opening Hydraulically Operated Rear Door with Hydraulic Clamps

Extra Deep Lockable Hose Boxes on both sides

Electronic Water Pressure Controller

Jetting Soft Start

Jetting Safe Start

Hydrostatic Water Sensor

Pneumatic purge to jetting system for cold weather

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

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Areas Covered

UBU Environmental Ltd are based in Manchester with excellent motorway networks. For full details of our Jet Vac Whale Tanker areas covered, click here.