PAS 115 – Our commitment to a sustainable solution

Our journey so far

UBU Environmental Limited has been offering its operated road sweeper hire in and around the North West for over 22 years.

As part of this service we have removed thousands of tonnes of wet road sweeping fractions from sites and highways which we have transferred back to our EA approved facility in Greater Manchester.

Our desire to find a more sustainable solution for this waste has taken many years of research, development and innovation.

At all times we were driven by the desire to reject the landfill end of life, in favour of something that could be more sustainable and create a circular economy for the producers of the waste.

In 2016 we found our solution in the form of a bespoke turnkey wet waste treatment plant, which could respond to ever changing volumes and consistency of wet waste.

This solution afforded us the ability to wash and separate out the fractions, to make a consistent and quality led aggregate and sand product.

The residual product which is known as ‘cake’ has been the area of recovery which we have been focusing on since the instillation of the plant.

The cake has its own unique set of characteristics which we have been investigating for many years, in a bid to repurpose it and avoid its landfill end of life.

We are confident that this material can be used in a wide variety of growing media applications which will support many industries and help to reduce the decline of natural soils through erosion and contamination.

It also promotes a circular economy solution to persons responsible for the duty of care of their waste.

What is PAS 115?

PAS 115 is a waste-derived growing media and soil amendment which may benefit end users looking to meet circular economy in their supply chain.


PAS 115 is sponsored by UBU Environmental Limited.


PAS 115 specifies the requirements for the recovery of growing media and soil amendments through recovery from road sweepings and inert gully waste.


PAS 115 is for use by waste recycling and waste management companies and may also benefit end users such as Local Authorities, highways authorities, landscape architects and landscape contractors.


PAS 115 may be used as an audit tool for product quality assessment.

Why PAS 115?


The passing of this PAS is not only an exciting time for us here at UBU, but for our customers who will be able to join us on this journey and see their Road Sweepings being put to better use!


Below are just a few reasons as to why your company will massively benefit from PAS 115

  • Confidence in the optimum recovery of your Road Sweepings.

  • Maintain a well kept site without compromising the future of our planet.

  • Creating a larger circular economy which you can be a part of!

  • Show that you are helping to sustain the future of our virgin soils.

  • Industry wide recognition that your company optimises the recovery of any waste that you create.


And plenty more!


Get involved!

PAS 115 arrived at it’s Public consultation period on the 27th of January 2021. This consultation period is now closed and all comments submitted through the BSI Website on PAS 115 will now be reviewed to help us develop the final draft.

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