Our Wet Waste Treatment Plant

We have commissioned a turnkey road sweepings recycling system from CDEGroup which will process in excess of 50,000 tonnes annually. We are licensed through the Environment Agency to collect and treat inert Road sweeper waste at our own premises in Manchester.

Where construction sites are not licensed to dispose of Road Sweeper waste on suitably approved locations on site, UBU Environmental Ltd. can provide an environmentally sound, and extremely cost-effective alternative to Landfill. 

This system allows the recovery and re-use of recycled material including the use of sand and stone for offsetting virgin materials. This includes pipe bedding, landscaping uses and sub-bases, resulting in far-reaching environmental benefits.

Annual increases in landfill tax have significantly increased the costs associated with disposal of road sweepings and gully waste for companies who offer reception and collection services for this waste. As disposal costs continue to rise, the commercial argument for cleaning Road Sweepings and Gully Waste becomes even stronger. 

Waste Plant transfer

Wet Waste Treatment Plant Process

Road sweeping material enters the UBU treatment facility which uses density separation and attrition to separate organics and trash from the aggregate. The treatment facility has the ability to receive and process both wet wastes and dry waste, with a combined throughput of up to 25 tonnes per hour, or 250 tonnes per day.

Depending on the composition of the feed stock, the treatment facility has the ability to produce up to 50 tonnes per day of washed aggregates and up to 125 tonnnes per day of washed sand. This system allows the recovery and re-use of recycled material including the use of sand and stone for offsetting virgin materials.

The washed aggregate is dewatered, and the smaller fraction is separated for further classification to capture valuable metals. After further removal of contamination, the aggregate is sized into two ranges to allow for use in different applications.

The wastewater is then chemically treated before undergoing further treatment to create thickened sludge. The recycled water is sent to the water storage tank for recirculation around the system. Approximately 90% of the water in the system is recycled for re-use. The sludge is sent to a buffer tank for further treatment. 

UBU Environmental offers you:


  • An environmental solution to your wet waste
  • On-site collection of your wet waste material via UBU sweeper or Tanker
  • Acceptance of third party wet waste (subject to waste type)
  • Capacity to collect larger volumes of waste from your site using our 8-wheel tipper
  • A fully licenced site registered with the environment Agency in Manchester
  • Compliance with waste management licence



  • Onsite WAMITAB holder
  • Full environmental management plan
  • Removal of landfill fees
  • Elimination of transport costs
  • A circular economy solution
  • Up to 85% diversion from landfill
  • Recovery of aggregates and sand for reuse (tested to BS EN protocol)

UBU Environmental Ltd identified an issue with road sweeper waste sustainability and chose to meet the problem head on through investment and innovation. Their turnkey solution not only diverts waste from landfill but also allows for the recovery and reuse of recycled materials including sand and stone. The treatment facility reflects their strong links with their customers and their commitment to delivering an efficient and reliable service.

Mr Matt Bunting

Regional Director, CDEGroup