Chapter 8 Compliant Services

UBU Environmental Ltd are fully equipped and highly experienced in all aspects of road and resurfacing support for both new road construction and existing road repair contracts.  Our top of the range fleet of sweepers and jet vac whale tankers will ensure that your job is completed on time and to the highest standard. This is imperative when jobs are subject to traffic management restrictions and therefore time-critical. Our dedicated resurfacing operatives have many years’ experience providing road sweeping services to customers and each job is given the same high level of attention. We have developed excellent and long-standing relationships with planing gangs simply based upon delivery and reliability which is key to these contractors. 

For preparation works, our road sweepers can keep highways and roads clear of any debris which ensures there are no blockages to roadside grids and drains, preventing any build-ups of water on the road surface. This, in turn, keeps roads clear of such dirt which helps to maintain the condition and lifespan of the asphalt. We can provide risk assessments which are specific to all chapter 8 works. 

UBU Road Sweeper

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Chapter 8 back of tanker

To Comply With Chapter 8 Regulations, Every Vehicle In Our Fleet Includes:

  • Conspicuous vehicle colours (white or yellow) *OR Fluorescent Yellow retroreflective striping not less than 50mm wide along the length of the vehicle.

  • Highway Maintenance Labels: or Motorway Maintenance labelling.

  • Reflective Door Strips Red: reflective tape to all rear facing edges of doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.

  • Reflective red and fluorescent yellow chevrons on the rear covering as much of the rear facing portion of the vehicle as possible.

  • Additional markings: Where rear facing high visibility markings may be obscured by any device mounted on the vehicle (e.g. cherry picker bucket) high visibility markings should also be applied to the face of the device. 

  • Additional items such as roof beacons; crash cushions; automatic brake systems; signing; reversing bleepers; seat belts and CCTV are also required for certain vehicles in addition to the markings we provide. For further information on these items please consult the following official documents.

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